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PainChek expands integration partnerships, strengthens remote digital capabilities, and more.

It has been a busy month at PainChek.  

September was World Alzheimer's Month, and the entire PainChek team has been hard at work to spread awareness around how accurate pain assessment can improve quality of care and quality of life for those living with the disease. As part of this, we recently released our free white paper 'Pain and COVID-19: The perfect storm', created in partnership with PainChek CEO Philip Daffas, Painaustralia CEO Carol Bennett, and Dr. Jennifer Abbey AM, Founder of the Abbey Pain Scale.

We are pleased to share that we have also expanded our integration partnerships with leading care management system (CMS) providers in Australia and the UK, in order to provide more residents in aged care with access to safe and effective pain assessment.

If you have not done so already, there’s still time to register for an Australian Federal Government funded 12-month PainChek license. Simply register your interest with us using the link below, and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Join 700+ providers benefitting from a government 

funded PainChek license

For a limited time only, the Australian Federal Government is funding a 

12-month PainChek license for eligible residential aged care facilities. Register your interest today to avoid missing out.


PainChek expands integration partnerships with leading CMS

PainChek now integrates with 9 Care Management System (CMS) providers who cover 180,000 of the aged care beds in Australia and more than 50,000 beds in the UK. Learn more about our latest integration partnerships here.


PainChek: a digital end-to-end pain assessment solution 

From discovery and onboarding to pain assessment and support, PainChek empowers Residential Aged Care facilities to begin accurately assessing pain anywhere at any time, without the need for in-person meetings, complex set-up procedures, or on-site training. 


Did you know? 

There have been over 180,000 pain assessments 

conducted to date using PainChek.

What’s the link between contracted beds and pain assessments?


Recently featured in...

PainChek CEO Philip Daffas was recently featured on the Channel 9 News Bulletin as part of a segment about dementia on World Alzheimer's Day.

As part of The Health Kick podcast, Tim Boreham interviews CEO Philip Daffas about continued progress in the Australian aged care sector and our plans for expansion.

ABC Health Reporter Sophie Scott speaks to host Philip Clark about the challenges of pain assessment in residents with dementia, and the benefits of PainChek.


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About PainChek® 

PainChek Ltd is an Australian based company that develops pain assessment technologies. 

PainChek® is a smart-phone based medical device using artificial intelligence to assess and score pain levels in real time and update medical records in the cloud. 

PainChek® records a short video of the person’s face and analyses the images that indicate pain and records them. 

Next, the caregiver uses PainChek® to record their observations of other pain related behaviours that complete the assessment. 

Finally, PainChek® calculates an overall pain score and stores the result allowing the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time. 

PainChek® is being rolled out globally in two phases: first, PainChek® for adults who are unable to effectively verbalise their pain such as people with dementia, and second, PainChek® for Children who have not yet learnt to speak.  

 To find out more, visit
PainChek Ltd | Suite 401 35 Lime Street Sydney NSW 2001